ISIBISI offers the American market a winning combination, aimed at improving everyone's nutrition and quality of life: gluten-free food and state of the art dedicated cooking systems.

Our gluten-free food, healthy and genuine, perfectly fits with our use of dedicated professional cooking machinery for our targeted customers.

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GMO Free

All Natural

Long Shelf Life

Release the flavours
Isibisi is the gluten-free pasta aimed specifically at intolerant individuals who follow a specific gluten-free diet without needing to sacrifice great taste.

Cook to your personal taste
If you prefer your pasta a little less al dente, just cook two minutes longer. Isibisi gluten-free pasta can be cooked to your preference without losing its great texture and flavor.

This gluten-free pasta is made exclusively of Italian corn and rice flour, free of additives or gluten stabilizers, staying true of the simplicity of the raw materials.

Bronze Die
The Bronze die is what gives the pasta its rough texture that allows the sauce to cling to it.

Low Temperature Drying
Drying the pasta slowly at a low temperatures helps preserve the nutritional qualities of the raw ingredients, resulting in a product that not only looks delicious but is also absolutely authentic.

Food Equipment

Winning solution for food intolerances
Our machines are the ideal and winning solution in the market for our specific products dedicated to those with allergies and intollerances.

Versatile, high-performing, eco-friendly
100% steel made, small dimensions, high performance, reduced consumption, versatile and easy to use.

Easy to use everywhere
Especially designed for use in commercial environments such as restaurants, canteens and bars, but also, and most importantly, in venues such as food trucks, catering for parties and ceremonies, events and fairs.